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Four pictures - four movements


THE NEXT WORLD - Suite for orchestra, soprano solo, percussion and piano.


The orchestral suite is written as a four-movement concert piece for philharmonic orchestra.

The music is based on a dedication to the powerful nature of the sea and the sublime expanse of the melting Arctic ice landscapes and their encroachment by man.

A special feature in the music are the percussion parts: Taiko percussionists, positioned on high platforms behind the orchestra, play percussive rhythms as we know them from film music. That sounds fantastic.

The other musical pole is the timbres of calm and drama shaped by the orchestra, located in the world of classical tonality and jazz modality.

There is a solo aria in each movement. The arias crown each movement and offer a variety of associations with the four images of the suite.



Adagio - Presto - Andantino - Allegro