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What is it about?

We have to rethink. And we have to be quick about it.

With this cultural project, we are accompanying the urgent change in social values.

"THE NEXT WORLD" is a contemporary suite for orchestra, solo soprano, percussion and piano. In four movements, it is about nature and climate protection.


The music is at home in the harmonic world of film music, classical music and modern music.

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Der Experimental-Schlagzeuger Christoph Haberer macht seit Jahren immer wieder durch seine unorthodoxen Percussion-Sets auf sich aufmerksam. Seine inspirierende Spielweise ist verwurzelt in seiner intensiven Beschäftigung mit der afrikanischen sowie der indischen Percussionsmusik. Mit seiner Offenheit für neue musikalische Konstallationen findet er immer wieder synergetische Konzertformate.



Adagio - Presto - Andantino - Allegro



Professional Orchestras

Request the score. There is an audio version calculated out of the note editing program, without Ritardandi etc.. It only serves as a first auditory impression.

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For young orchestras and youth orchestras

The music is meant to be fun and emotional. The combination of artistic videos and the genres of orchestral music/film music makes a contribution to current social change and the preservation of our livelihoods in nature.

Through orchestral collaborations, musicians from different countries can meet and make music together across their language barriers..

This offers the ideal opportunity for a cross-border cultural project.

Cooperation with schools

In the education version, there is a picture-painting activity: pictures, sculptures and creative sculptures are created in class.

These works are shown above the orchestra on a projection screen to accompany the orchestral music.

The cooperation with schools builds bridges across cultural disciplines: children who do not necessarily play an instrument themselves can be involved.

Music und Video-Art

Art has always been a contribution to current developments.

Critical. Honestly. Directly.

Now we are experiencing another phase of upheaval, which we can still shape now.


In the promotion of orchestral cooperation with musicians from different countries, my wish is to strengthen cross-country cooperation on climate protection.

The Videos


Above the orchestra there is a large projection screen for the artistic videos.

Part I, Ocean
Part II, Ice
Part III, The Flood
Part IV, Swarm Intelligence

Thank you



Birgit Rademacher Fotos Arktis | Bianca Schmitz Konzeption & Texte | Ingo Ernst Reihl Dirigent | Elena So Sopran | Achim Clemens Piano in Diepholz | Christoph Haberer drums&electronics | Sarah Buechi voice&lyrics | Gernot Sahler Dirigent | Jochen Kilian Pianist | Cosima Hartman-Hilter Bilder/Model | Nadine Schwuchow grafics | Eduardo João Borges Audio | Ralf Kiwitt Audio | Lena Becks Maske | Simone Karcz Fotos | Andreas Donnert Technik  | Video-Team Diepholz | Video-Team Dortmund | Birgit & Erwin Hartman-Hilter Gespräche und Unterstützung | Julian Herrmann Web | Kirsten Winkeler Gespräche und Unterstützung

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About us

We are a small, creative production team:

Sarah Buechi, voice&lyrics

Christoph Haberer, drums&electronics

Uli Mors, videoartist

Kirsten Winkeler, Administration

Nadine Schwuchow, graphics

Cosima Hartman-Hilter, pictures/model

Jochen Hartman-Hilter, music/videos

Die Arien: "Let me follow" und "Luzifer" stammen von:

Jochen Kilian, Gernot Sahler und J.Hartman-Hilter


18 Sep. 2022: Premiere at the Konzerthaus Dortmund. The Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra and the Dortmund Music School establish a cooperation in the Family Concerts series. "Fairy Felina" takes the audience into her world. Story: Andrea Hoever, music educator of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra.

March 2022: Foundation of the sponsoring association: THE NEXT WORLD | Orchesterverein für Kultur- und Wertereflexion.

January 2021: Foundation of the chamber orchestra THE NEXT WORLD.

July 2021: Film and music recordings from the orchestral suite THE NEXT WORLD at the Museum of Art and Cultural History in Dortmund.

Since December 2020 member of Orchester-des-Wandels e.V.i.Gr.

Unter den Linden 7

10117 Berlin

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Jochen Hartman-Hilter


44263 Dortmund, Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 10
49082 Osnabrück, Carl-von-Ossietzky-Str. 24
45711 Datteln, Zechenstraße 10

Project Coordination Munich:

Erwin Hartman-Hilter, 85614 Kirchseeon/Eglharting, Hubertusstr. 17 d

Tel: 00 49 172 233 26 79
Email: webmaster@croco-deal.de